Why You Should Lift Weights

Posted by Andy Sundblad on

Most people lift weights in order to gain muscle and increase physical strength. But did you know that there are a slew of other very good reasons for weight training? A few of these reasons include better mental health, disease prevention and weight loss. Study after study has proven that weight lifting isn’t just for men who want to be more muscular, but women, aging seniors and athletes can also lift weights in an effort to improve overall health and skill.

Here are the best reasons to lift weights:

Naturally Reduce Belly Fat
Extra weight in the mid-section is unsightly and undesirable to most people. Beyond aesthetics, excess weight around the waist and tummy is also an early indicator of heart disease. And this is true even for people who are of average weight, but with a little extra in the middle. Weight lifting, however, increases your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which increases the calories you burn daily and, in doing so, belly fat is also reduced. The reason why more muscle increases your BMR is because muscle requires calories and fat does not.

Consider the popular guideline of 1 pound of muscle burning an extra 50 calories each day while at rest. Now, imagine gaining 10 pounds of muscle and your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) soaring by an extra 500 calories each day!  So, if you’ve been trying to shed a few stubborn inches in your mid-section, resistance training just may be the fix you’ve been searching for!

Go Beyond Muscle Strength
Lifting weights improves muscle strength and helps prevent the natural loss of muscle as we age. It can also prevent muscle loss due to lots of cardio. Beyond muscle strength, however, weight lifting also slows bone loss and can even help rebuild bones. This is important news for anyone over the age of 30 as muscle and bone density begins to decline. But it is also good news for people recovering from injuries such as broken bones or torn ligaments and who have experienced muscle atrophy during a recovery period. 

Mental Health Benefits
Studies have proven that people who lift weights also experience key mental health benefits such as mood elevation, higher self-esteem and a reduction in anxiety and depression. Research has also indicated that weight lifting improves cognition and, in at least
one study, strength training has helped people suffering from Parkinson’s disease improve their cognitive abilities, as well as in areas of mobility, strength and power.

Increase Insulin Sensitivity
Working out with dumbbells and other weights can actually help increase insulin sensitivity. Doing so helps the body better absorb and use glucose and works to prevent insulin resistance, which can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease (CVD). In people already suffering from insulin resistance, daily exercise, which includes weight training, can help to reverse this condition.

Create the Body You Want
There once was a time where men were the only ones associated with weight lifting. These men were often associated with bulging muscles and strength that could easily outmatch their peers. These days, however, women, seniors and athletes of all ages and sizes lift weights in order to sculpt, tone, strengthen and improve mobility. When combined with a good diet, weight lifting can help a very thin person become more muscular (which is great news for skinny guys who want to bulk up). With this in mind, anyone serious about taking their body to the next level should start training with weights right away!

Improve Balance and Posture
Proper form is imperative for the success of any workout routine. In particular, when lifting weights, good posture helps prevent injuries while maximizing strength. People with poor posture came to be that way due to muscular imbalances. Those who regularly sit behind desks tend to be very tight in the chest area, as well as the front of the shoulders and the trapezius muscles. This, in addition to being weak in the upper back, the glutes and the core.  By lifting weights and targeting these weak muscle areas, balance can be restored to the muscles and posture dramatically improved.

A Full Body Workout...at Home!
Resistance training presents opportunities for a full body workout. The entire body is challenged by doing compound movements like bench presses, shoulder presses, deadlifts and squats. One of the best reasons to add weight lifting to a workout regimen is that it can also be done at home. As one of the basic building blocks of a home gym, weights are easy to store and will last a lifetime!

Are You Ready to Lift Weights?
So, as you can see, there are a number of very good and healthy reasons to lift weights. Perhaps the best reason is that almost anyone can begin weight training at any age. By starting off with lighter weights while paying close attention to form and posture and gradually working up to weights with more resistance, the virtues of lifting can be enjoyed by everyone. 

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