8 Reasons Kettlebells Rule

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People love kettlebell workouts because they they are fast, easy to learn, require little space and offer a full body workout while using just one piece of gym equipment! In addition to improving overall strength, people also love the good cardio workout they receive when exercising with kettlebells. In working out with relatively small kettlebells of various weights, people are able to burn fat, improve posture and balance without ever having to step foot inside a gym. Kettlebell workouts are also easier on the back and spine than traditional weights, but only if the proper form is used while exercising.

A Little Kettlebell History
Kettlebell workouts weren’t always a popular fitness routine. In fact, the original use of the kettlebell had nothing to do with exercise at all. Instead, KBs were used by Russians for weighing and measuring grain in the 1700s. As these cast iron objects were particularly heavy, men used to deliberately lift them outside of work as a form of exercise. Eventually, the Russian army began using them for strength training and the popularity of kettlebell workouts grew from there.

8 Reasons Kettlebell Workouts Are So Popular Today

From the 18th century until today, people have enthusiastically worked out with kettlebells. In the very beginning, it was mainly men who used these special kind of weights. But today everyone loves a good kettlebell workout and here are just a few reasons why:

    1. A Quick, Fat-Burning Workout
    Kettlebell workouts are perfect for HIIT (High-intensity interval training) exercising as they can easily be performed in just 20 minutes. In fact, researchers have discovered that an average 20 minute workout with KBs can result in the burning of 272 calories. Not bad for a fast workout, right?

      2. A Full-Body Workout
      While traditional weight-lifting targets specific muscle groups, kettlebell workouts benefit the entire body. Through swinging motions, the core; glutes; lower body; arms; legs and shoulders all receive a good workout.
        3. Providing Strength You Can Really Use
        Kettlebell workouts provide what is known as functional strength--that is strength that is actually used in daily activities. From lifting groceries and small children to moving boxes and other bulky items--or even climbing a jungle gym with your kids at the park--there are things we do every day that require a certain amount of physical strength to avoid strain and injury. Kettlebell exercises, done correctly, help people build and maintain functional strength regardless of age or gender.
          4. Good Cardio Workout
          In addition to building strength, kettlebells also provide opportunities for a good cardio workout. Using the kettlebell workouts illustrated on our poster as an example, you’ll find that swinging motions naturally raise your heartrate while the weight simultaneously exercises several different muscles.
            5. Improve Posture
            Poor posture requires a strengthened core if it is ever to be corrected. It is the direct result of an improperly alignment of the spine’s vertebrae, which occurs when bodyweight isn’t distributed evenly. This is where kettlebell exercises can really come in handy since they rely on good balance and core strength in order to keep weight evenly distributed while swinging. With repeated workouts, greater strength is built over time and the result is a natural improvement of both balance and posture.
              6. Kettlebells Are an Affordable, Space-Saving Workout
              No matter the weight, kettlebells are still small enough to store in the corner of a closet, under the bed or other small space. Compare this to other workout equipment and it’s easy to understand why so many choose to workout with kettlebells. And, not only are KBs small and compact, but they’re also pretty affordable, too!
                7. Lowered Risk of Back Injury
                The proper way to swing a kettlebell requires good posture, a straight spine and bending at the knees instead of the back. When done correctly, kettlebell swinging can actually be easier on the back than traditional weight lifting. Why? Well, swinging a kettlebell is a ballistic movement. That is, it is started with one thrust and that momentum is what carries the movement to its completion. In order to lift the same amount of weight with other equipment, the back and spine must bear that weight through an entire motion, which increases the chance of injury. When first swinging kettlebells, you should always start with a lighter weight while perfecting your form and building strength. As you do so, you may safely progress to new challenges without causing harm to your back.
                  8. Anyone Can Swing a Kettlebell

                  So as you can see, kettlebell workouts are not just a trend, but have been around for centuries. They produce results, which is what we’re all looking for, right? They are also an excellent workout for those who may be short on time, yet still want to achieve fitness goals like building strength and losing weight.

                  Do You Love Kettlebell Workouts?
                  We absolutely LOVE kettlebell exercises! Some of us get bored easily, though. So the challenge of adding a complex movement such as the turkish get-up with a heavy bell or even increasing the number of kb swings in a certain time keeps working out interesting. Don’t you agree?

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