New Me Fitness - Our Story

NewMe Fitness is a growing company specializing in easy-to-use educational workout products, started by a graphic designer/illustrator who once let his career take priority over his health.

Here is Andy's story:

I started running to lose weight at the local gym. That worked great for losing weight. With consistent running and some dietary adjustments (no more Mountain Dews, burritos, fries!), I lost 40 lbs. But, I still wasn't completely happy with my body. Too much of my time was spent in front of a computer screen. I had no real muscle tone; I was just thin.

Treadmills at the gym were near the entrance to the weight and resistance equipment room upstairs. I noticed most of the people that went up there looked better. They had muscle tone.

The weight room was this mysterious place that had strange contraptions that looked like medieval torture chambers to me. I had no idea what to do there.

Fortunately, I knew enough to seek out a personal trainer's help. When we worked out, he would just tell me what to do. Although that was good for that workout, it didn't help me long-term. I didn't exactly know what to do if he wasn't there. So, I made him email me every workout we did. Then, I would google each exercise in his email and find a picture of it. I would print out this mess of google images with his workout notes, so I had a plan for the days I didn't workout with my trainer. I could only afford him one day a week.

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer or lives near a gym. I decided to share what I learned from experience, research and my trainers with everyone else.

NewMe Fitness was built to help people work out. We catalog exercises and put them all in one place. They are illustrated by a world-class graphic designer who knows how to create simple graphics that anyone can follow. Our illustrations show what muscles are targeted so you can focus on specific parts of your body.

Feel free to contact us with feedback, product requests or just to say hi!

In addition to Oaktown Supply, we are the proprietor of Oaktown Supply, check out their store here.