Half Balance Ball Poster Laminated

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Want to get the most out of your half-balance ball trainer? This beautifully illustrated poster gives you a clear visual guide, so you can exercise smarter & tone up faster.

Half-balance ball trainers help improve strength and stability as well as balance. Due to the shifting required to maintain balance, they force your muscles to contract harder--which is why they’re so effective. But this tool only delivers results if you do the exercises the right way. That’s where this Half-Balance Ball Poster by NewMe Fitness comes in.

Hang it in your home gym, condo, hotel fitness center or wherever you (or others) work out to take the guesswork out of your balance ball exercises. It shows you how to do 40 highly targeted moves using detailed diagrams. Choose from each category to create your own custom workout (and never get bored again). 

  • 40 exercises targeting various muscle groups
  • Two sizes - hang on a wall or door
  • Straightforward “how-to” diagrams
  • Premium printing
  • Laminated with a protective coating  
  • For home workouts or the gym
  • Developed by fitness pros
  • Personal trainer approved
  • Made in the USA

Don’t waste your time piecing together workouts from magazines and the internet. This poster is packed with proven, highly efficient exercises designed by real fitness experts. Sculpt your body from head to toe and boost your metabolism to blast away those pesky extra pounds. Accelerate your transformation and get the physique you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Half-Balance Ball Poster by NewMe Fitness is rolled and carefully packaged so that it arrives at your door in pristine condition—and ready for hanging.

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