Gym Equipment Exercise Poster - Laminated - 20"x 30"

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  • 40 Ways to Master the Machines: From leg presses to arm curls, this beautifully designed workout poster for the home gym will inspire and guide you toward a stronger, leaner, and more toned body.
  • All the Right Moves: Our gym posters feature clear diagrams showing the proper start & finish position for each exercise. Get better, faster results by using the correct technique. No more forgetting.
  • Professional Workouts: Your workout poster has targeted exercises developed by experts. Choose movements from each section to create a personalized workout. Beat burnout and fast-track your gains.
  • High-Quality & Durable: Our exercise posters for the home gym are laminated with a protective coating, so they stand the test of time. Yours is safely shipped in an enclosed poly bag.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with our fitness posters. But if you’re not pleased for any reason, send yours back and receive a complete, hassle-free refund.

Not sure you’re using that gym equipment correctly? Don’t be intimidated—this easy-to-follow chart shows you how to master each machine and accelerate your results. Weight machines might seem “old-school”—but they remain a safe, highly effective tool for building strength from head to toe.

This vibrantly illustrated poster by NewMe Fitness shows you how to perform 40 body-sculpting exercises on a variety of common machines. Whether displayed in your fitness center or home gym, our poster gives you a clear-cut visual guide for each exercise—so you know you’re doing it exactly right.

Maximize the muscle-building benefit of each move and start seeing the results you want sooner. 20" x 30" – hang your poster on a wall or door 40 exercises on different machines Simple, straightforward illustrations Developed by fitness professionals Laminated for added sturdiness Great for a gym or workout room.

Made in the USA Since your laminated gym poster has machine exercises targeting different muscle groups, you can mix up moves to customize your workouts. Create an endless variety of routines and stay motivated and inspired to reach your fitness goals. Ready to feel and look better? Pull, press and squat your way to the physique of your dreams with the NewMe Fitness Gym Equipment Poster.

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