Pilates Mat Exercise Poster - Laminated

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  • LARGE AND EASY TO FOLLOW PILATES EXERCISE POSTER - If you are a personal Pilates instructor or run your own gym or Pilates studio then this clear laminated exercise poster is ideal to hang up on your wall. Your clients will find the illustrations inspirational and informative when performing the various Pilates poses. The Pilates chart will look professional and sleek on the walls of your home gym or studio.
  • THE ULTIMATE AT HOME GUIDE TO STRENGTHENING AND TONING - No weights, no equipment, and no DVD’s or downloads. This bodyweight exercise poster with the Pilates mat sequence is simple to use with no fuss or hassle. Use the Pilates Poster to improve posture, core strength, flexibility, and agility, it can even help alleviate back pain. Pilates/ Contrology can be much more than a total body workout - it is also a way of life.
  • YOUR GO-TO PILATES WORKOUT FOR BUSY DAYS -If you are not able to perform an entire sequence of Joseph Pilates mat exercises every day, then this poster can help you stay strong, fit and healthy. Simply pick one or two exercises from the illustrated chart, focus on abdominal exercises one day and upper arm strength the next. Even doing short workouts on daily basis will greatly benefit your mind and body.
  • PILATES WALL CHART FOR ANY AGE OR LEVEL - From the advanced yoga instructor to the complete beginner this workout poster can be used by all. For the experienced, use this as Pilates Studio decor or just for quick reference, and beginners can easily learn each Pilates position just by following the poster.  Our Pilates exercise chart is designed with the utmost attention to detail, with each individual exercise clearly illustrated to show you exactly how to perform it.
  • SUPERIOR-QUALITY, DURABLE EXERCISE POSTER – The NewMe Fitness Pilates wall poster is made to last. Featuring a premium, waterproof, glossy front-and-back lamination and high-quality, thick paper, this artistic wall poster is beautiful and extremely durable! It is rolled and enclosed in a poly bag. If you are not 100% thrilled with our Pilates poster chart, we proudly back it with a hassle-free, full refund guarantee.


Large Laminated Pilates Poster is ideal for home gyms, Pilates instructors or any exercise studio. Each diagram is crisp and demonstrates the precise classical technique in beautiful black and white illustrations.

The ultimate mind-body workout:

Pilates work puts an emphasis on proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment as well smooth flowing movement. Many people choose Pilates over other bodyweight and strengthening exercise due to its ability to strengthen the mind-body connection. Although the gentle exercises should not be underestimated as they can train multiple muscle groups at once and create an evenly conditioned body.

What’s on our Pilates Poster:

The Hundred, Roll Up Roll Over,Single Leg Circles, Rolling Like a Ball, Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Spine Stretch, Forward Open Leg Rocker, Corkscrew, Saw Swan, Single Leg Kicks, Double Leg Kicks, Neck Pull High Scissors, High Bicycle, Shoulder Bridge, Spine Twist, Jackknife, Side Kick Series -Front/Back Teaser 1 Hip Circles Swimming Leg Pull Front (Down) Leg Pull Back (Up), Kneeling Side Kicks, Side Bend, Boomerang, Seal, Crab, Rocking Balance Control - Roll Over Push Ups.

Features and Specifications:

•The NewMe Fitness Pilates wall poster is made to last!
• Premium, waterproof, glossy front-and-back lamination.
•It will not bend, crack, tear or fade.
•Measures: 20” x 30” or 18"x 27"
•Color: Metallic Purple, Black and White
•Extra clear and easy to follow illustrations
You Are the Reason We Are in Business! That’s why we proudly back our exclusive, functional Pilates Exercise poster with a no-questions-asked, full refund guarantee! :

You don’t need a BIG space to be a successful Pilates Instructor, even a small space for a couple of mats and your Pilates poster will provide incredible benefits for both you and your clients.