TRX Suspension Exercise Cards - Plastic - 3.5"x 5.5"

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  • CONTAINS: 50 of the most effective suspension exercises that you can do! Target your core, abs, glutes, chest, shoulders, arms, upper body and legs. Cardio too. 12 stretches, 7 workouts, and goals and guide card. All you need is a suspension exercise system!
  • EASY TO USE, GREAT AT HOME OR FOR TRAVEL: Illustrations are simple, clear, thorough. Just look at the images and you will know how to execute each exercise. No more guesswork. You won't have to reference online or elsewhere. The start/finish Positions (and in-between if necessary) are shown via graphic line drawings. Both beginners & personal trainers LOVE our products. Small enough to carry with you.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Build muscle. Burn calories. Tone & tighten your body. Develop your six pack. Improve strength & posture. Since we graphically display the targeted muscles of each exercise, you know what areas you are working out. We also have thorough instructions and tips on the back each card. And we're personal trainer approved!
  • DURABLE, LARGE, PLASTIC CARDS: Our cards are made of plastic so they are waterproof and durable. They are twice the size of normal playing cards so they are easy to see even from a distance.
  • 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not 100% satisfied with our fitness cards, we'll refund your money.

Build Muscle and Transform your Body with our Suspension Workout Cards!

Do you lack strength & substantial muscle? Would you like a more muscular body? Are you missing exercises in your routine? Are you not sure what to do to work out specific muscles?

Our Suspension Exercise Workout cards will give you the tools to achieve the healthy, energetic personal fitness transformation most dream about but never realize. Simply rotate through 50 exercises--we recommend choosing at least 2 from each section of total body, upper body, core, and lower body, executing 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions, and alternating to different exercises each workout so you never get bored. You can shuffle the cards to vary your routine as well!

These cards are endorsed by Certified Personal Trainers with over 15 years experience who have helped people achieve serious results and complete body transformations.

Resistance, or Suspension, workouts break down your muscles (your muscles get sore), and when your body rebuilds those muscles, they come back stronger and bigger. The workouts make your muscles contract harder due to the shifting required to maintain balance. That's why they are so effective.

Our Suspension Exercise Workout Cards Features
- Simple, easy-to-understand graphics display exactly how to do each exercise
- A lifetime’s worth of workout options!
- Metallic Gold Ink Premium Printing
- Divided by muscle groups targeted

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied, send your poster back and we'll refund your money.

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