TRX Suspension Exercise Poster Vol. 1+2 2-Pack - Laminated

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  • LAMINATED, VOL. 1&2 POSTER CONTAINS: This is the original plus a sequel to our best-selling suspension exercise poster. Each poster contains 40 great suspension exercises! 80 total! Great for indoor workouts & home gyms.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW: Clearly Illustrated Start/Finish Positions and Shows Exactly Which Muscles are Targeted During Each Exercise
  • WORKOUT YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Exercises for Your Entire Body | Upper, Lower & Core Body Workouts
  • TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Build Muscle | Tone & Tighten Your Body | Develop your Six Pack | Improve Strength & Posture | Personal Trainer Approved!
  • 100% MONEY-BACK, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - MADE IN USA: If You Don't Love our Suspension Poster, we'll refund your purchase.

Get a total body workout, by using the NewMe Suspension Strap Posters as a guide during your training sessions!

All you need are suspensions straps and these exercise charts to take your fitness to a whole new level! 
Suspension training is a simple way to work out your entire body. 
Don’t underestimate the versatility of a simple strap – discover hundreds of new exercises to get the body you always wanted.

 Vol 1 and Vol 2 Suspension Workout Posters 
Vol1 - Clearly illustrated bodyweight exercises to build strength in your upper body, core and lower body. 
Vol2 - Builds on Volume 1 with even more core, back, lower body and upper body suspension exercises. 
“Your Only Limit is You“ 
Follow this Guide to Get Lean, Sexy & Strong Today!

☑ Suspension poster Features
✔ Most Comprehensive Suspension Exercise Posters Out There 
✔ Easy to Understand Graphics, Display Exactly How to Do Each Exercise 
✔ A Lifetime’s Worth of Workout Options! 
✔ Poster Divided by Different Muscle Groups 
✔ Premium Quality Made in the USA!

 How to Use: 
Hang this up at home, or on the wall at your local gym. 
The Poster shows exactly how to execute the exercises to build a rock-solid body. 
We recommend choosing 2 exercises from each section. 
Depending on your fitness level you can perform 1- 3 sets of each exercise, with 10-15 repetitions. 
This poster is endorsed by Certified Physical Trainers with over 15 years’ experience who have been training people of all ages to achieve serious results. 
100% satisfaction guarantee: If you're not 100% satisfied, send your posters back and we'll refund your money no questions asked.